Burgundy Dreads & More

Are you thinking of sporting maroon or burgundy dreads but aren’t quite sure what look to go with? This post is about just that.

Know that you don’t have to grow maroon locs yourself: you can get faux locs that give you your desired look in a jiffy. Let’s get started!

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Burgundy Dreads Male/Burgundy Dreadlocks/Burgundy Color Dreads/Burgandy Dreads

burgundy dreads male style

Most of the pictures below are of maroon or burgundy locs on women, but the style works on men too.

If you are male and want to sport burgundy dreads male, go right ahead. You’ll probably look spunky and full of character.

So what is the difference between burgundy dreads male and maroon dreads? Maroon and burgundy are two shades of red, which often confuse many people. The main difference between maroon and burgundy is that maroon is made by adding brown to red whereas burgundy is made by adding purple to red, so burgundy is a slightly cooler color (in terms of tone) than maroon.

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Burgundy Dreads Female

Real maroon locs

To get real maroon locs takes longer than faux locs, but is relatively straightforward.

To do this, you need to grow actual dreadlocks and then dye them maroon (or dye your hair maroon first and then start your dreadlocks).

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A word of warning: dyed hair is generally weaker than virgin hair, though, so dyeing your hair whether it is loose or in dreadlocks increases the likelihood of you experiencing hair breakage.

If you do dye your hair or locs maroon, take extra precautions not to overmanipulate your hair and to strengthen it in other ways.

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Maroon Dreads Men

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Maroon Dreads Tips

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Maroon Butterfly Locs

An easy quick way to get what look like maroon locs is to get maroon butterfly locs. What are butterfly locs, you ask?

Butterfly locs are a type of faux locs that are made by crocheting hair extensions into your own braided hair and wrapping them into what looks like locs.

The hair extensions used to make butterfly locs are wavy and are what give these faux locs their distinct look.

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Maroon Dye on Dreadlocks

Who says that in order to have maroon locs you have to do full maroon?

Maroon ombré locs are another way to go.

For this style, you can start with locs in your natural hair color and then dye them partially whenever you decide you want them to be ombré.

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Maroon Loc Extensions

If growing real locs is not for you, but you want the real dreadlock look then you can sport maroon locs by getting maroon loc extensions attached to your hair.

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These loc extensions can be either synthetic or made with real human hair.

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Maroon Dreadlocks in an Updo

Once you have maroon locs, you can further add to the look with styling, for instance in an updo which adds sophistication and also manageability, as it gets the locs off your face, neck, and shoulders.

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Maroon Locs on Light Skin

Wondering what maroon locs look like on light skin? If so, here’s a picture of that.

Maroon Ombre Gypsy Locs

Gypsy locs are a type of crochet locs.

What makes locs gypsy locs is not a particular type of hair extension used for the hairstyle but rather what you do with the extenstions, as and after you install them.

Most notably, gypsy locs are a full head design that incorporates accessories and details to give an overall presence and feel of a gypsy vibe.

The picture above shows the initial installation of the faux locs to be used as a base for gypsy locs, but the completion of the style would include making some of the hair loose and adding hair accessories such as beads and cowrie shells.

Burgundy Locs

Burgundy goddess locs

Maroon Crochet Locs

I have already mentioned crochet locs in the sections above. Crochet locs are simply crochet braids that look like dreadlocks.

The aesthetic difference between natural dreadlocks and crochet locs is primarily texture, as you’ve probably noticed from the pictures above.

Crochet locs vary in length and size so you can choose exactly how you want your maroon crochet locs to look.

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So…have you ever rocked maroon hair? If so, in what form? If not, would you ever consider having your hair maroon?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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