Be my Guide to Your East African City #2: What’s Your Favorite Nightlife Spot?

Hi again! Ready to answer the next question about your East African city? Before we get to that, allow me first to thank all who responded to the previous question in this series (the one about your favorite restaurant), with special thanks going out to Brett Harrison of Aliens and Strangers, who despite living in Geita, Tanzania (which according to him is not big on fine restaurants) still shared his favorite restaurants in three other East African cities. Thanks a lot, Brett, I appreciate it!

As I write this post, your responses to my last question name restaurants in six cities across four of the five East African countries. Hopefully, that’s just a start. If you haven’t yet told me your favorite restaurant in your East African city, then please go ahead and do so now. As long as comments are open on any post in this series, I still do want to hear what you have to say. Now, let’s move on to question two.

Question #2: In your East African town/city, what’s your favorite nightlife spot?

Just as in the last post, please leave your answer as a comment in the following format (for clarity’s sake):

City/Town, Country:
Favorite Nightlife Spot:
Why do you like this place?

For my response, check out the first comment to this post. I look very forward to hearing what you have to say!

Until the next time,

P.S. Please feel free to answer this question for as many East African towns/cities that you feel inspired to (though I do request that you limit your response to your favorite nightlife spot in each town/city).

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8 thoughts on “Be my Guide to Your East African City #2: What’s Your Favorite Nightlife Spot?”

City/Town, Country: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Favorite Nightlife Spot: O’Willies Irish Whiskey Tavern (Irish Pub)

Address/Location: Peninsula Sea View Hotel, Msasani Peninsula
Why do you like this place? Although some might find my choice strange, I like the “Irish Pub” because:

    1. It’s mellow
    2. It’s almost always “happening”
    3. The crowd that hangs out there is usually fun and interesting
    4. It has different theme nights all through the week
    5. The music is usually great
    6. The drink serving size is hearty AND…
    7. It’s right next to the ocean.

    biche, thanks for the link and the kind words. i’m afraid, though, that you spoke too soon about me being a helpful contributor. as far as nightlife goes, i’ve got nothing. nothing at all. i’m usually in bed by 10:30.

    i have, though (i think), been to o’willies once. is it the place that has trivia night once a week? i did go there for a beer and trivia with a group of friends. i liked the place and the atmosphere, but was disappointed that they had no irish beer. i’m sure it was only an oversight — a shortage for the night or something — but i was expecting at least a guinness. they are brewed and bottled in tanzania, even. [no offense to your nightlife choice, though.]

    City/Town, Country: Nairobi, Kenya
    Favorite Nightlife Spot: Gipsy Bar

    Address/Location: Westlands- Waiyaki Way and Woodvale Grove
    Why do you like this place? Since I listed Brew Bistro as my favorite restaurant on your last post I figured I would branch out for the nightlife spot and not list it again. I know many people aren’t fans of Gipsy’s but I love the eclectic crowd and the fact that on one end you can be dancing and the other watching a sports game.

    Right, today I have a useful contribution! 🙂

    City/Town, Country: Kampala, Uganda
    Favorite Nightlife Spot:
    I can say, without hesitation, that the O’Reilly’s Irish Pub (also known as Bubbles) is my favourite night spot
    Address/Location: Acacia Avenue
    Why do you like this place? I find that I I like O’Reilly’s for most of the same reasons as you do Biche, it’s ALWAYS fun, the music is great, you meet all sorts there and the drinks are generously portioned there too. Given that an Irish Pub in two other cities is my favourite hangout, I guess the Irish have it going on! 🙂

    Let’s hit O’Reilly’s when you are next in town shall we?

    City/Town, Country: Bujumbura, Burundi
    Favorite Nightlife Spot: Havana Club

    Address/Location: Boulevard de l’Uprona
    Why do you like this place?
    It’s innovative and grows with the needs of its clientele. It’s fun to sit at the bar or lounge on the terrace

    City/Town, Country: Nairobi, Kenya
    Favorite Nightlife Spot: Brew Bistro

    Address/Location: On Ngong as you head out of town, just before Junction
    Why do you like this place? Gypsy’s is fun but a bit too sketchy at times, or simply too overcrowded. Brew Bistro is a bit more upscale, relaxed, and has nice indoor and outdoor seating options. Its not overly loud but usually has a pretty decent DJ spinning and is always lively on the weekends, but never gets overcrowded because the staff follow the fire-code to a fault – sometimes you have to wait out front to get in.

    Hi All,

    Sorry for the delayed response:

    JamesBrett–No offense taken! 🙂 Yes, apparently Monday night is Quiz Night at The Irish Pub. I had no clue but just looked it up on their website. Was that a good event? Was the quiz night well attended the night you went?

    Micah–Great choice! I like Gypsy’s a lot too.

    Vive–Did you mean O’Leary’s? Hehehe..yeah, I know you hang out there a lot, but somehow we’ve never been there together. I accept: it’s a date the next time we are both in Kampala at the same time. Question to you (or anyone else who can answer it): why does this place have two names? (And yeah, I think the Irish definitely have it going on! :-))

    Nkirdizzle–I’m glad you like the concept! Wow, that’s one I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for sharing!

    Taish–Thanks for sharing about Bujumbura (my one active reader from Burundi! :-)) I actually stood outside Havana Club one night when I was in Buja debating long and hard whether I should dare to go in alone or not. I opted against it, but it definitely seemed like a fun and happening place!

    David–Welcome to ChickAboutTown; thanks for taking the time to answer as many of these questions as you have! I enjoy reading your responses. Wow, Brew Bistro must really be something. I have heard so much good about it. The lineup thing, though, I find so pretentious. Mercury Lounge used to be like that when it first opened. I remember one time the bouncer refused to let my friend in even though I showed him that I had saved her a seat. But…not being overly crowded is usually a good thing for those who are already inside! 🙂


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