22 East African Pictures

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My cousin on the shores of Lake Victoria

Sunday things on the shores of Lake Victoria at Goretti’s Pizzeria & Bar in Entebbe, Uganda.

See more pictures taken at Goretti’s here.

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No. 21: Birthday Cake from the Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam

Sachertorte from Hyatt-Regency Dar es Salaam

And of course no birthday celebration is complete without cake. We made it home from our mother-daughter hiking trip to Lushoto just in time to cut cake with the rest of the family in Dar es Salaam. This Sachertorte topped with strawberries from the Hyatt Regency, The Kilimanjaro Blue Book Now Buttoncouldn’t have been a more perfect ending to an amazing trip. Well done, @RichieWallStreet! 🙂

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No. 20: Buying Light Fixtures in Kampala, Uganda

6 colorful circular mosaic style lights

Shopping for outdoor light fixtures in Kampala, Uganda. Ended up choosing the one in the middle. Which do you like best: left, center, or right?

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No. 19: Sunset over Lake Victoria, Port Bell, Uganda

Sunset over Lake Victoria, Portbell Uganda

The sun begins to set over Lake Victoria in Port Bell, Kampala. I could stare at this view forever.

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No. 18: Lake Mburo, Uganda

Lake Mburo

There is something about the lakes of southwestern Uganda. Lake Mburo, Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda.

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Read more about what there is to see and experience at Lake Mburo National Park here.

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No. 17: My Cousin’s Traditional Wedding

My cousin and I

She was getting married, and I was her maid of honor. When we would come out of that room to sit in front of the wedding guests, we’d have our bowed heads covered, we’d look demure, and the beads would shield our faces from everyone’s gaze. Above all, we were not to look up! Before that though, it was time for a fun sister moment. The photographer caught it well! 🙂

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No. 16: Sunset at Rwakobo Rock, Lake Mburo National Park

Sunset at Rwakobo Rock

The sun sets over Lake Mburo National Park, Uganda as viewed from Rwakobo Rock lodge.

Find out more about what there is to see and do in beautiful Lake Mburo National Park here.

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No. 15: Transportation in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A Dala Dala

Everyday Dar es Salaam. The local commuter buses in Dar es Salaam are called dala-dala (dala being a corruption of the word dollar because the original fare was 5 Tanzanian shillings, the equivalent of one dollar at the time). Their average fare today is Tsh. 400 about 16 Euro cents/18 American cents per ride. Colorful on the outside but the experience of being inside a crowded one? Not so cool.

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No. 14: Matsieng Footprints, Gaborone, Botswana

Red Earth, Botswana

The red earth of Botswana. This picture was taken on a trip to see the Matsieng Footprints, a site where the folklore of Botswana has it life began. According to folklore, Matsieng, the ancestor of the Tswana people, emerged out of a hole in the ground, followed by his people and animals. This happened when the rock around the hole was still soft and their footprints were preserved once the rock hardened. Unfortunately, this site is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I never did get to see the footprints. Stand warned if ever you are planning a trip there!

Learn more about what there is to do in and around Gaborone, Botswana here.

No. 13: Accommodation in Dar es Salaam – Sunset at Coral Beach Hotel

Sunset at Coral Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam

The sun sets over Msasani Bay in Dar es Salaam, seen from the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel. Nothing says tropical like a palm tree! 🙂 Book your stay at the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel here.

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No. 12: Chilling at Gorreti’s Pizzeria, Entebbe, Uganda

Moreen at Goretti's, Entebbe

Much better (in reference to number 22 above). Looking up and enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

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No. 11: Sunset at Coral Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam

Sunset at Coral Beach, Dar es Salaam

The sun sets over Msasani Bay, Dar es Salaam seen from the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel Blue Book Now Button . Happy Sunday, y’all! 🙂 Book your stay at the Best Western Coral Beach Hotel here.

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No. 10: The Lagoon at Bomani Beach Bungalows, Bagamoyo

Lagoon, Bomani Beach Bungalows

The first picture I ever posted on Instagram, about a year and two months ago, was from my birthday celebration last year held at the Bomani Beach Bungalows near Bagamoyo, Tanzania. I generally have not had any good water experiences in Bagamoyo, but this? Well, you can see for yourself.

Find out more about what there is to see and experience at Bomani Beach Bungalows here.

No. 9: Kilimanjaro Pictures

Go to this section on Kilimanjaro pictures. No. 9 is the very first granular picture.

No. 8: Buying Light Fixtures in Kampala, Uganda

Black and White Chandelier

Shopping for chandeliers in Kampala, Uganda. I don’t know what it is about lights that makes them so pretty!

Browse and/or purchase an array of chandelier lights online here.

No. 7: Hippos and Buffaloes on the Kazinga Channel, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Hippos on the shores of the Kazinga Channel, Uganda

Queen Elizabeth National Park in south west Uganda is Uganda’s most visited national park. After going on 2 game drives there, separated by a year, I began to ask myself: why? And then I took the famous boat ride down the Kazinga Channel, which  separates Lake George and Lake Edward.

Oh là là, I should have heeded the advice my uncle @francisokoboi gave me to skip the game drives all together and simply do the Kazinga Channel boat ride. The waters were teeming with animals at such close proximity. Truly an amazing experience!

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No. 6: Sunset over Mutungo Hill, Kampala

The sun sets over Mutungo Hill, Kampala seen from Afrique Suites Hotel.

The sun sets over Mutungo Hill, Kampala seen from Afrique Suites Hotel.

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No.5: Buying Fabric


Buying fabric in Bukoba, Tanzania.

There’s a store in Bukoba that sells the most amazing wax print cloth a.k.a. kitenge, chitenge, Ankara, pagne… (I’ll call it anything but African print because what’s truly African about it?).

Anyhow, this store has that material in the greatest quality and in the most beautiful prints. I have no clue where they source it from.

I don’t even know the name of the store though I have been buying fabric there since I was a teenager.

All I know is that it stands on a street corner in the middle of Bukoba town. I’ll be sure to note the name the next time I am there and let you know.

In the meantime, browse and/or purchase clothing made from this kind of material here.

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Nos. 4 & 3: Skies Both From Above and Below

Clouds Under Kenya Airways

Flying over Tanzania on a Kenya Airways flight, getting ready to take a photo of the elusive Mount Kilimanjaro from above. Did I get the shot? You’ll find out in my next photo (the last photo in this section).

Read more about what I think of Kenya Airways as an air carrier here.

Sunset near Lyantonde, Uganda

The sun sets over Uganda’s cow country. Headed home sweet home.

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Nos. 2 & 1: Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro Pictures/Pictures of Kilimanjaro

Nos. 2 & 1 are the second and third picture in this section on Kilimanjaro pictures.

So there you have it, dear reader. That’s what’s been rocking my Instagram gallery over the past 2 months.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures. Let me know what you thought by leaving me a comment below.

Until the next time,

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