Uber Autonomous Cars - call 0800172957 for Uber Support in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Uber in Johannesburg (JHB) & Pretoria

If you are wondering what number to call for Uber support in Johannesburg or Pretoria, the number is 0800172957 for drivers and 0800172956 for riders.

Uber is available in JHB and Pretoria.

Here are the Uber services that serve those cities:

Types of Uber Services Available in JHB & Pretoria

    • UberX – affordable everyday rides (max: 4 people)
    • Uber Black – premium rides in luxury cars (max: 4 people)
    • Van – rides for groups up to 7 people
    • Assist – Special assistance from certified drivers (max: 4 people)
    • UberX VIP – affordable rides with top-rated drivers (max: 4 people)

Uber service is available to and from both OR Tambo International Airport and Lanseria International Aiport.

Both airports offer free Wi-Fi (for up to 4 hours or to a cap of 1 GB), so if you’ve got a smartphone, you can use the same Uber app you use in your city to request a ride with Uber JHB.

Uber JHB Usage Schedule

Since Uber rates can be affected by time, traffic, and demand, it might be useful to know what the Uber usage patterns in Johannesburg and Pretoria are.

Check out the schedule below.

Uber JHB Schedule

You can get support from Uber Johannesburg and Pretoria at their Uber Greenlight Hubs.

The Uber Greenlight Hub in Johannesburg is located at 12 Charles Crescent, Strathavon, Sandton (office hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

The one in Pretoria is located at Waterglen Shopping Center, Exit 5 (office hours: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

0800172957 & Other Uber JHB Support Numbers

If you are unable to access Uber support through your Uber app, then you can reach Uber Johannesburg & Pretoria support on the following phone numbers: 0800172957 (for drivers) and 0800172956 (for riders).

You can catch an Uber between the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. The travel time is about 49 minutes.

Photo Credit: Quartz Africa

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